What We Do

Paediatric OT Assessment

At Living Strength Care, we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve more independence, better health and greater quality of life

Every person is on a different journey, and everyone will meet roadblocks along the way. For some people, just being able to do everyday tasks can be lifechanging. We’re trained in a range of health sciences. This allows us to take a holistic approach to your care and tailor services to your needs.

We strive to understand you first – your culture, family, values and medical needs – to create a detailed plan for real quality of life. By examining both the physical and mental effects of your injury or disease, we can clear the road towards a fulfilling life.

This personalised, evidence-based approach has seen hundreds of patients reclaim their lives and achieve their goals.

What we do

Since 2007, we have been helping people across Sydney and the NSW Central Coast region. Our therapists are registered with:

Our therapists can visit you at your home or at a preferred community space if you wish.

However, home visits gives us vital information about how your residence might be affecting your quality of life. We can then suggest simple changes that could make a big difference.

Continuous improvement

We take pride in delivering the highest quality service to our clients. This means staying up to date with the latest research and technologies.  Rehabilitation techniques are constantly evolving and we make sure you get access to the best practices on offer
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