Allied Health Assistant

At Living Strength Care, Allied Health Assistant’s work as direct support for allied health professionals within our multidisciplinary team. The role helps us to provide a flexible and responsive service that works to meet each client’s identified therapeutic goals. They are responsible for providing client support and care which can include the implementation of individual and group interventions or therapy programs, as delegated by the treating therapists. An Allied Health Assistant may also be responsible for administrative and clinical support functions, which can assist with client management and contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of therapy.

Achieve more independence, better health and greater quality of life.

Every person is on a different journey, and everyone will meet roadblocks along the way. For some people, just being able to do everyday tasks can be lifechanging. This is why our therapists are trained in a range of health sciences. This allows us to take a holistic approach to your care and tailor services to your needs.

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