AT Assessment | NDIS Assistive Technology Assessment

Assistive technology is any device or system that allows a person to perform a task as independently as possible. Our occupational therapists can assess your needs for assistive technology and equipment that can help you perform tasks, and remain as safe and independent as possible.

We can also prescribe this equipment and train you to use it.

About the assessment

In our equipment assessment, we examine your everyday activities and your particular disability needs. Then we recommend or prescribe equipment that will improve your ability to do these activities.

Types of equipment may include:

  • manual and electric wheelchairs
  • electric scooters
  • pressure care aids
  • hoists and transfer aids
  • hygiene aids
  • electric beds
  • recliner chairs
  • cognitive aids and technologies
  • cooling vest
  • eating aids

Time frame

We estimate that this service will take approximately 10 hours, including:

  • an initial appointment
  • equipment trials
  • report writing
  • travel to appointments

Achieve more independence, better health and greater quality of life.

Every person is on a different journey, and everyone will meet roadblocks along the way. For some people, just being able to do everyday tasks can be lifechanging. This is why our therapists are trained in a range of health sciences. This allows us to take a holistic approach to your care and tailor services to your needs.

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