Centre Based Hub

Our Centre Based Hub is the best way to build social relationships and to meet new friends. We provide a range of different services in the Hub and community with a focus on participants and their personal development in alignment with their NDIS goals.

Our primary aim when designing activities, is to maximise participant independence, life experience and education. We have carefully designed Hub programs and activities that are suitable for all ages and meet the needs of people with disability and CALD (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse) participants. We offer before and after school care for our participants including transportation to and from home to the Hub or school and offer social club programs on Friday nights and weekends.

Our special activities and programs are tailored to fit the NDIS category Capacity Building Supports which includes:

  • Improved Health and Wellbeing
  • Increased Social and Community Access
  • Improved Daily Living

Assistance with Social and Community Participation such as:

  • Education programs designed by teachers
  • Free membership for local fitness clubs and swimming pools to focus on participants’ health and wellbeing
  • Indoor-outdoor sports activities created and designed by personal trainers
  • Internal supermarket for living, shopping and money skills
  • Sailing, surfing, car racing, skydiving, scuba diving
  • Special cooking programs designed and created by professional chefs
  • Sports competitions that are held at our indoor sports field at the Hub

In-Home Support

Our in-home support services focus on assisting people with disabilities to find long-term places to call home. We deliver and provide the support required by providing services to maintain your capacity and to meet your functional needs.

Our In-Home Support services focus on providing activities in your own home that:

  • Support with domestic chores
  • Assist with personal care
  • Support with meal preparation & delivery
  • Assist in home and garden maintenance

In-Community Support

We appreciate how important the activities outside the home are. Our services cover all of these activities in the community according to the need of each participant. We always take into consideration the advance planning required to provide each participant the right support, resources and staff for all our services.

We can provide support with activities such as:

  • Accessing other programs (swimming clubs, sports, TAFE, other disability service providers)
  • Medical appointments
  • Social and recreational activities such as theatres, clubs, and concerts
  • Attending family gatherings or community events
  • Shopping

Achieve more independence, better health and greater quality of life.

Every person is on a different journey, and everyone will meet roadblocks along the way. For some people, just being able to do everyday tasks can be lifechanging. This is why our therapists are trained in a range of health sciences. This allows us to take a holistic approach to your care and tailor services to your needs.

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