Exercise Physiology | Sydney, Central Coast

Our experienced Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are dedicated to improving the overall condition and quality of life of those living with a disability and those aging via the prescription of evidence based individualised customised exercise program.

What can Exercise Physiologist help with:

Our Exercise physiologist will Develop, deliver, and evaluate an effective exercise program to achieve your goals.

  • Improve independence and the ability to achieve quality of life
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Improving pain reduction via exercise program strengthening and endurance
  • Improved physical function and mobility

How can Exercise physiologist help:

An Exercise Physiologists can help manage and treat various conditions. The Exercise Physiologist can develop a customized exercise program to help the customer understand their condition and how best manage it and achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Our Exercise Physiologists have backgrounds in rehabilitation and are accredited through Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

Achieve more independence, better health and greater quality of life.

Every person is on a different journey, and everyone will meet roadblocks along the way. For some people, just being able to do everyday tasks can be lifechanging. This is why our therapists are trained in a range of health sciences. This allows us to take a holistic approach to your care and tailor services to your needs.

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