Introducing Barbara Luka - Director of Living Strength Occupational Therapy

Barbara is the wonderful Director of Living Strength OT. We took some time out to find out what makes Barbara tick!

What made you think about Occupational Therapy as a career?

After working in a pathology lab for several years, I found my love and drive for the Occupational Therapy profession. I wanted to assist a person improving or maintain their independence and their ability to perform their day to day activities that provides them quality of life.

How would you describe Occupational Therapy is - to someone who is unsure?

Occupational Therapy looks at all aspect of a person’s life. Occupational Therapy focus’ at improving a person function to perform their day to day tasks such as self-care task, access within their home or out in the community and assistance perform meaningful activities. This may be achieve through modifying the way the person performs the tasks, retraining and / or modifying the environment.

Has there been one memorable moment in your career?

There are many stand out moments in particular when you receive calls of gratitude from a person or the family member thank you for the service provided because I had an impact on that person life and their family.

I recall receiving a call from a client’s daughter in tear thanking me for the OT services provided to her mother who could now participate in family gathering and mobilise with the use of her electric wheelchair.

Living Strength OT - what makes it a different to others? 

Living Strength Occupational Therapy is boutique Occupational Therapy practice. The team is friendly, supportive and passionate team focusing on delivering quality work to assist our clients and their families.

What do you enjoy outside of work? 

I enjoy spending quality time with my family in particular travelling with my family.

Is there a book, movie or quote that has always resonated with you? And why?

“Knowledge is power”– It important to work within our scope and focus on the glass that is half full not empty. Stay positive.

When things get difficult or stressful what self-care steps do you take for yourself?

I slow down block out time to allow me to focus on my wellbeing. I prioritise and delegated tasks that I can be off loaded to reduce stress.

I switch off all distractions such as phone and computer and listen to music, exercise and reading a book to revive and think through steps achieve the steps required.

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