Energy Conservation & Occupational Therapy - Why It Matters

What is energy conservation about?

Energy conservation refers to the implementation of principals and techniques that may preserve a person’s energy level whilst they complete activities throughout the day. This may assist in minimising muscle fatigue, joint stress, and pain.

Conservation promotes using your body efficiently and doing things in a sequential way to save your energy. Implementing strategies may enable you to preserve your levels and allow you to remain independent that would last throughout the day. It’s important to get the most out of our day and limit fatigue.

For some people, daily activities that seem easy to others can be very tiring. Through energy conservation, people can complete everything they want to, and still have energy left over.

At Living Strength, the Occupational Therapists may help you in different ways, including:

  • Teach you strategies on how to perform activities with efficiency
  • Provide you with equipment that can help you complete a task independently
  • Advise you on how to change certain parts of your home or work environment so you can perform activities with less energy
  • Assist you to set goals that are achievable and realistic

Some key principals include:

  • Prioritise activities performed throughout the day
  • Planning your day to make the most of your energy
  • Pace and taking regular breaks is an ideal way to balance your energy levels and complete all the task
  • Reviewing your posture such as sitting can preserve energy as opposed to standing, and the use of perching stools can be very useful.

Helpful hints:

  • Reduce the amount of activities you are doing daily. Dressing gowns, which can be used instead of towel-drying, are great for reducing bending and stretching. Letting dishes air dry also reduces the need to unnecessary use energy. Sitting down for activities is also great for some down time.
  • Asking others for help is great for completing tasks safely and quickly. Sharing the load can significantly reduce the amount of energy you spend on tasks, and is a clever way for saving it for other important things.
  • Maximise your relaxation time! Make sure you have comfortable chairs with back support.

Contact our friendly Occupational Therapy team on 02 4340 0883 for further information on Energy Conversation techniques.

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